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Profhilo Treatment

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With Profhilo Treatment

28 Queen Street, London
1 session
1 hr

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    28 Queen Street, London
    1 session
    1 hr

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    What is Profhilo treatment?

    A skin elixir. Droplets of youth. A concoction of good stuff injected into the deeper layers of the skin which skincare can't penetrate. However, more superficially than dermal fillers making the treatment a safe procedure.

    Profhilo promotes collagen and elastin production. This reduces laxity, increase firmness and improves hydration of the skin.

    If you want to soften fine lines, boost radiance and banish sagging, Profhilo is the crème de la crème.

    What are the perks of Profhilo?

    - Improves skin texture and tone
    - Target problematic areas such as smiles lines or crows feet by softening the skin
    - Tightens skin, improving skin laxity
    - Effective non-surgical treatment with minimal downtime

    How long does Profhilo last?

    Profhilo slowly releases hyaluronic acid over 28 days from the day of treatment. This stimulates the collagen and elastin production within the skin. You'll be able to notice a difference 1-2 weeks after treatment.

    A second treatment of Profhilo is given after 4 weeks. Spreading the treatments apart allows time for the skin to do its thing and rejuvenate. The biggest changes can be seen after the second treatment.

    Then a single maintenance of Profhilo treatment is recommended every 4-6 months for optimal results.

    Profhilo treatment costs

    £189 for first session (introductory offer)

    Profhilo Reviews

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    • Professional & friendly!!
      Both Zola and Dee were super professional, warm, attentive and friendly. I had profhilo there twice already and the last time I decided to forego the local anesthesia- it was PAINLESS!! I'm very happy with both service and results. Highly recommended! I will go back for other procedures :)

      Samia Ramy

    • A really pleasant and relaxing experience. She put me at ease and the results have been wonderful for my skin. Great location, easy to get to.

      R W

    • A really pleasant and relaxing experience. She put me at ease and the results have been wonderful for my skin. Great location, easy to get to.

      Amelia Hunt

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    Dr. Zola Banh
    Dr. Olivia Morrison
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