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Top Rated Microblading
in Central London

Perfect smudge-proof eyebrows without having to draw them in each morning. Each stroke is placed to blend in with the direction of your own brow hairs. 
perfectly you.
strikingly perfect.

Frequently asked questions

How does microblading work?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing which is similar to traditional tattoo practise where pigment is deposited into the skin. However the techniques and pigments have significantly improved over the years. The procedure uses a manual tool, a row of tiny needles, to create fine lines to mimic hairstrokes

Stable tattoo pigment is deposited precisely into the epidermis (the uppermost layer of your skin), less deep than you would for permanent tattoos. We now use powdered pigments that are stable mitigating colour change issues. 

This give crisp, defined and vibrant results to create the beautiful brows you want, without the effort.

What is the semi-permanent brow procedure like?

Your desired brow shape is drawn with pencil and adjusted until you absolutely are happy with it. We work with you, tailoring your brow shape to suit your face shape and unique features.
Topical anaesthesia is applied to ensure as much comfort as possible.

The work begins. Pigment is artfully placed over the shape drawn in by pencil via microblading or micropigmentation. Topical anaesthesia can also be applied during the procedure to ensure minimal pain.

You wake up from your beauty sleep 1-2 hours later. Aftercare instructions are provided and you will be asked to come back for a touch-up appointment in 6 weeks.

What are the perks of semi-permanent brows?

Although they say eyebrows are sisters not twins, sometimes they can look like distant cousins and we spend far too much precious snooze time in the mornings trying to perfect them. Only to have them washed off by the rain and sweat by mid-afternoon.

So the fuss free brows are great but what about style and flexibility? We know 1-2 years may be too much of a commitment for a brow shape so we lean towards the natural side. You can always enhance your shape or depth with brow powder on those special days.

Because of the convenience, flexibility and style, semi-permanent brows are one of most coveted beauty treatments of today.

Are the artists qualified to carry out treatment?

Yes! Absolutely. Our artist is has a VTCT level 4 in micropigmentation, 5 years of experience within the semi-permanent makeup field and has trained in UK and Asia.

We highly discourage going to an artist without a license. Although microblading is a great treatment to have, it comes with risks of trauma and infection of the skin when not done properly by a professional.

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