Semi-permanent Makeup Guide

A morning where you don't have to match each brow to one another,
your eyeline is perfect, lips are glowing.
And best of all — you just woke up.
Semi-permanent Brows
There are 3 main styles:
• Hair-stroke
• Ombré powder effect
• Combination of hair-stroke and ombré powder effect
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Semi-permanent Lip Colour
• Lip blushing gives a natural tint over the lips
• More pigment can be packed to give more of a lipstick finish
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Semi-permanent Eyeliner
Pigment is placed along the waterline to create appearance of fuller lashes
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Hair-stroke Brows

Almost synonmous with microblading. When you think microblading, you think of fine hair-strokes blending in with your own hairs.

This can be achieved with a manual tool (the procedure is known as microblading) or with a machine.

Microblading can create very fine lines but is only suitable for dry to normal skin. It is recommended that oily skin or fitzpatrick V types and above opt for machine over manual procedure.

Ombré Powder Brows

As the name suggests, there is an ombré transition; darkest at the ends with lighter wash of colour at the front. This avoids the dreaded sharpie look.

Pigment is shaded over the brow with a machine to give a powdered result. Ideal for a more bold and define result.

Combination Brows

Combo of hair-strokes with ombré powder brows. Defined brow tail with fluffy front strokes. 
If you have watery eyes or simply live too busy of a life to be messing around with eyeliner pencils, a long-lasting solution maybe semi-permanent eyeliner.

This popular cosmetic procedure involves depositing pigment along the lash line, giving the illusion of fuller and defined eyes.

The result is a subtle yet striking look that lasts for an extended period, typically several months to a year.
Lip blush is becoming increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. It involves the application of pigment to the lips, resulting in a natural-looking and long-lasting color.

Using specialised techniques, pigment is carefully deposited to create a soft and subtle flush of color that enhances the shape and definition of your lips.

A more vibrant hue or a subtle tint can be customised depending on the pigment, technique and application.
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