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Stone Cold Beauty: A Guide to Gua Sha

You probably already know, Gua sha is used to improve circulation, help lymphatic drainage, and relax any facial muscles that might feel tense. The technique was developed from traditional chinese medicine thousands of years ago. It is used all over the body but it has become very popular in the skincare world in recent years.

How to Gua Sha at Home

To give yourself a gua sha facial, you should take all makeup off and start with freshly cleansed face. Then choose a facial oil to apply to the face (as this is generalised, I'd recommend a light one to be on the safe side for everyone's skin type).

Take your gua sha tool and place it at a 45 degree angle to your skin. Start from the center of your face and gently glide the tool outward and upward along the contours of your face and neck. It's essential to start from top to bottom as this is the direction of drainage. Use light to medium pressure, as the tool glides across the skin.

Repeat each stroke three to five times on each area of the face but if you have areas where it feels more tense, feel free to add more provided the area does not feel sore.

When not to Gua Sha

There are sometimes in which I'd advise not to gua sha at home. If you're only just starting out and you are pregnant, it would be best to see a professional that can guide you better to avoid any complications.

Gua sha should be used on reasonably healthy skin, that does not have any active acne, eczema or psoriasis. Not only is it painful, the skin conditions should be addressed before gua sha at home.

If you have had any anti-wrinkle treatment such as botox or dermal filler treatment, you should avoid gua sha for 2 weeks. Gua sha after injectables may lead to high risk of infections.

Benefits of Gua Sha

There are plentiful benefits of Gua sha. Such as helping to stimulate blood flow, which can promote a healthy complexion and enhance skin radiance. Enhancing lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness and promotes a more sculpted appearance. (Although this is very temporary). It also helps relax facial muscles which I think has a physiological effects of helping you feel more relaxed.

Gua Sha Results

I must add, gua sha should be done consistently. Just like any skincare routine, the benefits seem small or sometimes unnoticeable unless you are consistent. The benefits compound as each day your body cleans out waste via the lymphatic system.

Downtime with Gua Sha

I have read articles that say that downsides are bruising and soreness. However I think bruising maybe down to improper technique. The face should not be so sore that it is really uncomfortable afterwards. I would say, the downsize is that it takes a while to see the benefits, which is why there maybe a lot of skepticism. But it's definitely worth the effort.
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24 February, 2024
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