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What are Hyper Realism Brows?

Eyebrows can make a huge difference in framing your face and enhancing your features. Lately there has been a growing trend towards hyper realistic brows that look fuller and more defined. In this blog post, we'll take a look at what exactly hyper realistic brows are and how you can achieve the look.

Hyper Realism Brows, or sometimes called Hyper Realistic Brows, is a newer updated version of fine hair-stroke brows from microblading. However, it's like a fresh coat of paint on an old classic. The technique and style results in brows that appear thicker, fuller and more defined than your own natural hairy, or hairless, frames.

The idea is to sculpt and fill in the brows with makeup to make them look bigger and bolder, often associated with more youthful brows. Unlike other brow stylethat focus on shaping, hyper realistic brows are all about adding volume and dimension, whilst still looking the most realistic as possible. Hence, Hyper Realism Brows.

A close up image of a girl's eyebrow and eye, showing hyper realism brows - a style of permanent makeup where the hair-strokes of the eyebrow natural blend in with the natural hairs.
After image of Hyper Realism Brows

Key characteristics of Hyper Realism Brows

Some key characteristics of hyper realistic brows:

  • Appear fuller and more intense than natural brows
  • Feature an ombre effect from darker roots to lighter tails
  • Angled and defined arch shape
  • Thicker beginning and endpoints of the brow

The overall effect is enhanced brows that look like you were born with them.

How does Hyper Realism Brows differ from microblading or powder brows?

Hyper Realism Brows focuses much more the intricate details and the individual hair placements to craft a natural yet stunning result. Microblading can sometimes look "too perfect".


Hyper Realism Brows are an ideal option for individuals with sparse eyebrow hair or those who want a more subtle form of brow enhancement that doesn’t resemble brows filled with makeup powder. Those who want the most natural and youthful brows will love the results of Hyper Realism Brows.

Article last updated 
5 May, 2024
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